ZZ Legends of Vindorium

Welcome to Vindorium
Last Remnant of Empire


After a century of catastrophe, the northern city of Vindorium is all that remains of the once mighty Aurelican Empire, standing alone in a world that grows increasingly hostile. Vindorium is a land rich in history, where the scions of the Aurelican Empire rule over and dwell amongst the original pagan peoples of the unrestful north. Too much history in fact, as ancient evils waken and stalk the land, threatening Vindorium from without and within. In these days of horror and collapse, heroes are needed to preserve the waning empire and protect the people from the rising tides of darkness.

The Campaign Motif

Vindorium is a only a framework, based partially on the concept of a Roman colony in Brittania, left alone after the collapse of the empire. The map shows a small circle of civilization completely surrounded by dangerous lands, and I’ve deliberately limited it so the entire campaign will take place within this area. I’ve also designed it to make use of the Paizo Flip-Mats as recurring locations, so some encounter areas may become more familiar over time. Characters should be closely tied to the land, and players should feel free to make up details as they like within this broader framework.

Character Creation

Each player character is a hero, standing above the common folk in power and prestige. PCs start at 5th level with the following improvements:

  • a bonus feat
  • a bonus skill
  • starting equipment as per class and background
  • an additional 650 gp
  • an uncommon magic item of their choice. These items are part of your destiny and will increase in power as the character advances. These items should be woven into your background, with a name and description that mark them as unique and potent items of magic.
  • (optional): an additional uncommon magic item may be purchased for 500 gp.

In addition to a character sheet, your character should include the following:

  • A brief description of the character’s appearance and personality.
  • The name and description of your personal magic item.
  • The names and brief descriptions of two important NPCs tied to the character.
  • The name of one powerful, recurring foe and what kind of threat they represent.
  • One type of creature that the character regards as a particular threat to the land. This can be tied to the recurring foe or entirely separate, and can be as general or specific as the player desires. For example, one player might choose dragons as a general class of enemy, while another might specifically choose ghouls and link them to his personal recurring foe, the Ghoul King. Feel free to get creative here. It might be helpful to refer to the map and see whether the place names spark any ideas.

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