Vindorium, once known as the Bastion of the North, is a city in decline, greatly in need of heroes. The king is aged and feeble, the aristocrats are vain and corrupt, the citizenry persecuted and despondent. While the fields and farmlands around the city still prosper, bandits and pirates have virtually cut off trade with the outside world, and other enemies amass at the borders. Giants and dragons rule the north, encroaching at the borders of the empire, while to the west the xenophobic elves of Melurindell closely guard the bounds of their forested realm. To the east is a howling wasteland of deserts and ancient ruins from which no one returns. And within the heart of the kingdom, within the city of Vindorium itself, ancient evils have awoken to prey on the meek and helpless.

ZZ Legends of Vindorium

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